postheadericon Can an Iowa resident purchase a handgun at a Minnesota show?

UNITool asked:

I’ll be visiting the Twin Cities in a couple weeks, and one thing I’m planning on doing is attending a gun show. I am just wondering what the rules are regarding this in case something catches my eye. I have a valid Iowa permit to acquire.

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  • Corvo:

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    ATF regulates the sale of handguns to only in-state residents. In order to purchase out of state, you either need an FFL license, or you have to have an FFL dealer from the state you purchase from ship the handgun to an FFL dealer in your home state.

    It is possible…but it requires a bit of work.

  • DM:

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    it depends if Iowa has an agreement with MN……you can purchase a gun in another state if the two states have an agreement………I live in Indiana and I can buy a gun in Kentucky or Ohio but not Illinois
    I am not talking about a CCW……I am talking about purchasing a gun……..I can purchase a gun in Ohio and Kentucky…..I live in Indiana……..some states have agreements with each other that allow gun purchases from neighboring states…..some don’t ……..the poster below that refers to my comment as wrong is wrong himself

  • pathfinder:

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    Maybe an illegal sale from an individual, but if you buy from an FFL dealer, the answer is yes, but you will have to pay for the gun, make arrangements with an FFL dealer in your home state to receive the gun for you, and transfer it to you there. This will cost you about another $25-$35 fee. If at all possible buy in your own state, it is cheaper that way.

  • shootingsportsnw:

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    You can buy a long gun but not a handgun from a FFL in another state. Private sales done face to face are not subject to this rule. If a private person ships it across state lines to you than it is illegal unless it goes thru an FFL. The agreement DM is referring to is for concealed carry, some states recognize other states permit and will allow you to carry concealed in there state too. It does NOT allow you to purchase a handgun from a dealer in another state.

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